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This Twenty Something's Journey Through life With Cerebral Palsy

So you have to tell your date about your disability…

Find out how I can relate dating to a gum ball machine!

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The very last thing that I wanted to do was hurt this person

Reputation Reflection

I am reminded of the confidence she has and the contagious confidence and inspiration we get in return. 

All the of  "roadblocks" that I was experiencing led me to where I am today.

Everyone's body is different, so why shouldn't that also go with my exercising habits.

Camp Counselor Diaries- week two

I love that while I'm able to lead these activities I'm also able to learn things that will help me in the future. 

Camp Counselor diaries- Week One

Camper: You sound like you're in a bubble. 

School and CP Part Four: Falls

Hi and welcome or welcome  back  to my School and CP Series. This is my fourth installment and I'm not going to lie I'm pretty excited about it. I was a little nervous about continuing the series but I turned... Continue Reading →

School and CP Part Three: Accommodations

In one of my last Instagram polls, I asked y'all which topic I should write about next. Of the two choices (accommodations and falls), y'all  picked accommodations. ___  Accommodations are tools that help students learn. For instance, some of mine... Continue Reading →

School and CP Part Two: Tips for Making Friends

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