So you have to tell your date about your disability…

Find out how I can relate dating to a gum ball machine!

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The Importance of Community.

I had an  what the answers would be, but the answers that I got made sense and caused a lightbulb moment.


Happy Valentine's Day readers! I am a "single pringle" this holiday, so I want to talk about self- love. this is a fad term used by many bloggers to describe the act of doing nice things for yourself. So ,... Continue Reading →

I'm absolutely obsessed with this book and it's beautiful illustrations! It's for any parent with a picky eater.

I think that there are very few times where I have actually understood that a milestone is happening.

New year, New goals for myself and ‘That CP Chick’

Happy 2019!!! I've been on a bit of a break for the holiday season to spend some time with friends and family. Y'ALL- I have recharged all my batteries and I'm ready to concur 2019. As tradition mandates, I thought... Continue Reading →

Dust off whatever you’re afraid of and show whatever or whomever hijacked your amygdala that you can ride into the sunset.

The very last thing that I wanted to do was hurt this person

Reputation Reflection

I am reminded of the confidence she has and the contagious confidence and inspiration we get in return. 

All the of  "roadblocks" that I was experiencing led me to where I am today.

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